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By Elias Mardaus Last update: 2024-05-09
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Bespoke software

Get custom built software perfectly fitting your needs. To make sure you don't end up with a maintenance nightmare or get forced into vendor lock all our software is built based on a strict development policy:


Content marketing

We provide direct consultations to set you up for long-term success and focus on the following three principles:

Contact us if you're interested in getting an initial consultation on setting up your content marketing system.


Richtig Schlafen (SEO)

A content marketing project that focuses on sleep optimization and solving sleep problems. The main focus is on reviewing scientific studies and surveys and making them easily accessible to everyone.

This should close the gap between superficial social media posts and scientific studies that are difficult to interpret for the average reader, and make the collected knowledge accessible to the public.

The concrete implementation is based on the division of the topic into various subtopics and keyword clusters and the provision of content in the form of the following types:

Project link: richtig-schlafen.com

Roach Framework (PHP)

A custom, secure and minimalist PHP framwork with sane defaults. Based on php 8, SQLite, and .env configuration. Ready for usage as API and CMS. Source code and more details will be released here once the first stable version is reached.



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